'Frosters' cryogenic gloves

Sizes : Small, Medium, Large
'Frosters' range of gloves have been specially developed for the handling of very cold objects. Typically they are used for handling objects stored in the vapour stage of liquid nitrogen (ranging from -120°C to 190°C).
At actual liquid nitrogen temperature there is some stiffening of the material, but it still remains flexible enough for use.
These gloves are also very useful for other situations where low temperatures are an issue such as storage freezers, cold rooms, the handling of 'dry ice' and microtomes.
The 'frosters' range is available in three styles; mid-arm, elbow and shoulder length and in small, medium and large sizes.
Manufactured to European standard EN511
Frosters glove range are made in the UK to meet the requirements of the European Standard EN 407.

The following information applies to these standards.

Gloves can be used under normal climatic conditions.

Gloves can be used upto 5 years after the date of manufacture if stored correctly. Store in original packaging. Store away from direct sunlight to maintain optimum properties.

This glove series satisfies the basic requirements of the PPE directive in being innocuous/free from nuisance factors, ergonomic and breathable. Conditions of use are not simulated by the test results and as such service life cannot be specified. Results should be used for guidance in initial selection.

Gloves are made to EN 420 sizes.

Packaging/Labels: The gloves shall be wrapped in pairs by polymeric packaging. Each packet shall be labelled with the appropriate marking with regards to amount, type, size, manufacturer, performance level and CE mark. Each pair of gloves shall contain labels containing similar details. Each consignment will include an information sheet containing user instructions.