ISIS - Internally Sited Intermediate Storage

A system developed by Thames Cryogenics in response to a growing need to move away from the hazardous manual handling of large pressurised cylinders of liquid nitrogen


Essentially the pressurised dewar remains static in the location where liquid is required, either for manual decanting or filling downstream equipment like cryopreservation freezers. An SIVL system is then installed to deliver liquid nitrogen to the ISIS system in a controlled manner from a bulk tank. This can happen at a given time, every day, twice a week etc..., or when the ISIS tank has fallen below a set level.

All of the venting streams and pressure relief devices are incorporated into the ISIS system providing the most comprehensive, safest system on the market for delivering liquid nitrogen to the point where it is required with a minimum of loss.

Key Features

  • Minimises line losses by reducing the fill frequency from the bulk tank.
  • Provides an immediate source of nitrogen anytime it is required, at the place you need it.
  • Can be built around an existing customer owned dewar or supplied complete with a new vessel.
  • Vessel sizes from 240 litres to 400 litres available depending on requirements.
  • Optimised layout to minimise space requirements.
  • All relief valve and venting streams are piped away reducing gas generation in the lab.