PDFP - Pressurised Dewar Fill Panel

The process of filling pressurised dewars is a labour intensive one, that can only be carried out in well ventilated areas, usually meaning that dewars have to be transported around once filled. Yet another time costly and potentially hazardous procedure.

Thames Cryogenics manufacture a variety of dewar filling stations for filling individual or multiple dewars, that remove the need for an operator to watch over them. Designed to automatically fill dewars until full and then stop. In combination with our SIVL and vent pipework systems, they can be installed inside buildings where liquid is required.

Key Features

  • Filling stops automatically when vessel is full. No need to stand around waiting.
  • Can be used with almost any make or size of pressurised dewar
  • Left and right hand versions available depending on location of incoming supply.
  • Supplied complete with standard fill and vent hoses. Specials on request.
  • Multiple versions available on request to allow simultaneous filling of more than one dewar.
  • Versions available for indoor and outdoor use, so dewars can be filled where they are needed.
  • For longer lines, variants with gas bypass systems to pre-cool the line can be supplied.


Liquid nitrogen is often delivered to customers sites into small mobile dewars but the cost of this can be high. On sites where there is already a bulk source of liquid nitrogen, where the unit cost is lower, pressurised dewar fill panels allow the customer to fill their own dewars at their own convenience directly from this cheaper source.

Sites that have a large requirement for mobile vessels can have stations with multiple ports to allow for large numbers of dewars to be filled together. Because each panel operates independently each vessel will stop filling once full.

Our panels use high reliability electro-pneumatically actuated ball valves, well proven electronics and a robust frame to provide high quality, safe systems for prolonged use.


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