QMF400 Dewar Fill System with Safety Timer

The QMF400 Fill System is fitted with a START/STOP switch, the user presses the START fill button to start the fill and the fill will complete when theĀ STOP button is pressed. A safety timer is fitted that can be set by the user at point of installation which defines the safety time, in the event that the user does not press the STOP button the system will stop filling when the set safety time is defined.

The system is supplied with a 5m connection cable to connect to the decant solenoid valveĀ and a 2m connection cable to connect to the power supply unit. The installer connects to a solenoid valve of his choice, for safety we recommend using low voltage 24V DC solenoid valves suitable for cryogeic use.

A High Level Detect sensor can be fitted to this control unit to provide a cut off point for the fill, see accessories.