Would you prefer to rent rather than purchase your cryogenic equipment?

Partner company to Wessington Cryogenics, Cryo Rentals recognise the needs of the current market and has been set up to allow the user to rent, rather than purchase, a range of cryogenic storage vessels, pressure vessels and associated equipment such as safety equipment, transfer hoses and trolleys. Other equipment on request.


Full details via the Cryo Rentals Website here


Long or short term rentals available - UK only 

No need to worry about the annual Written Periodic Scheme of Examination and the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations - Cryo Rentals look after the annual certification for you

Maximum efficiency - included in the rental price, and carried out at the same time as the annual service, is a vacuum check / repump to ensure the vessel is operating efficiently

No depreciation on purchased hardware


For further details and quotation, please call 0191 512 0677 and ask for Cryo Rentals, or email paulrowe@cryorentals.co.uk


Rentals subject to Cryo Rentals Terms & Conditions

Cryo Rentals Limited is a separate company to Wessington Cryogenics Limited