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Wessington Cryogenics are an engineering-led, solutions-driven and customer-focussed producer of cryogenic vessels. Founded in 1984, this UK-based company began by providing small tanks for industrial & medical research applications. Almost 40 years, and tens of thousands of tanks later, Wessington now operates from a 70,000 sq ft facility where its 130+ employees deliver vessels all over the world. 

The organisation has a wide range of products which includes bulk-storage tanks, liquid helium dewars, self-pressurising vessels, ISO containers and road tankers amongst others. These are joined by an-ever increasing range of services including custom-designs, repairs and refurbishments as well as the provision of spares & accessories. 

A company with a proud pedigree of engineering innovation - Wessington’s Special projects are amongst some of the most interesting in the Cryogenics field, including bespoke vessels for use in particle physics, ‘Around the World’ ballooning records, hydrogen and other green energy cryogenic applications

Indeed this has been formally recognised by the granting of ISO 9001 and ASME U & R Stamp approval, and build vessels to PED & TPED among many other pressure vessel code requirements.  

Cryogenic storage vessels range from general purpose open dewars, to multi-coded liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen & helium vessels, intermodal ISO tank containers and road tankers. Spares and accessories range from replacement valves to full automatic liquid level control equipment. We at Wessington pride ourselves in our ability to meet the customers special requirements for cryogenic equipment. We are able to manufacture a host of 'specials' for specific applications where a standard product does not exist. These vessels can be for 'one-off' projects or the development of a new concept for a potentially new market. Custom designed cryostats, liquid nitrogen vessels, cryogenic valve boxes and phase separators also available.  

Our repair and refurbishment facilities allow us to repair virtually all makes of liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen or helium cryogenic vessels, returning them to an 'As New' condition. We are also able to examine and recertify vessels in accordance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR). We are also able to offer various training courses to suit a variety of end applications and needs. The workshops presented are designed to focus the delegates attention via practical and interactive sessions to the importance of adopting safe working practices in line with Codes of Practice, Guidance Notes, and Legislation.

Should you find anything on the Wessington Home Pages which interest you, or indeed require something which you feel we may be able to offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wessington Cryogenics Ltd is a member of the British Compressed Gases Association and the Pressure Vessel Manufacturers Forum.