QMF300 Manual fill System

    The QMF300 provides a simple and safe solution for decanting liquid. As standard, the unit is not latching and the user has to keep the button depressed during decant. This system is ideal for filling…


    QMF400 Dewar Fill System with Safety Timer

    The QMF400 Fill System is fitted with a START/STOP switch, the user presses the START fill button to start the fill and the fill will complete when the STOP button is pressed. A safety timer is fitted…


    ISIS - Internally Sited Intermediate Storage

    A system developed by Thames Cryogenics in response to a growing need to move away from the hazardous manual handling of large pressurised cylinders of liquid nitrogen


    Essentially the pressurised de…


    PDFP - Pressurised Dewar Fill Panel

    The process of filling pressurised dewars is a labour intensive one, that can only be carried out in well ventilated areas, usually meaning that dewars have to be transported around once filled. Yet a…


    ODFP - Open Dewar Fill Panel

    A system developed to allow customers to safely fill open dewars from a pressurised supply.

    Many customers have bulk supplies of liquid nitrogen on their sites either for use as liquid or as gas. Thes…