CryoPanel 4 Cryogenic Central Gas Monitoring Panel


    CryoPanel has been designed to eliminate the need for multiple separate monitoring panels for cryogenic laboratory management. CryoPanel monitors gas leve…


    CryoPanel 1 Alarm Repeater & Display


    The CryoPanel 1 Gas Monitoring Alarm Repeater and Display is an accessory specifically for use with Quantums range of fixed gas monitors. The system is id…


    CryoAlert Emergency Shutdown Button

    The CryoAlert is a simple but powerful unit to connect to the Cryopanel and all Quantum fill panels to allow users to press and put the system in a safe mode, by closing the safety valve.

    The CryoAler…


    QBA330V2 Beacon Alert

    Easy to install wall mounted range of repeater modules which connect to the Quantum range of fixed wall mounted monitors to provide warning to the user regarding the safety of the monitored area with …


    Mains Switching Unit

    Mains switching box for connection of mains powered devices

    A common issue when connecting mains power equipment is how this can be achieved easily and safely? The MSB100 is a simple but safe interfac…


    Auto Dial Unit

    The QAD200 is a standard voice auto dial unit that can connect to up to 3 digital inputs (O2 monitoring system, low level alarm, etc.) and in the event that input is triggered and goes into alarm will…


    GSM Alarm System

    The Quantum GSM monitoring system provides a telemetry facility for interactive remote monitoring of liquid levels, when used in conjunction with any of the Quantum level gauge models with telemetry o…


    QM12VBAT 12V DC 1amp Backup Power Supply

    Backup power supply in a secure metal enclosure provides a 12V 1A (3amp option available) output and will provide continuous power in the event of a mains failure for a period of up to 3 days, based o…