CRYOGAUGE 200 Standalone Liquid Level Gauge

The CryoGauge 200 level gauge, represents the culmination of many years of experience in the design and manufacture of electronic instrumentation to monitor liquid levels and advanced design in low current operation. The CryoGauge 200 incorporates previously tried and tested electronic circuitry  in order to maintain the reliability of performance established in earlier models but has been modified in keeping with an increasingly harsh operating environment. In practice, the housing of the gauge head has been upgraded and sealed to IP67 and the LCD have all been recessed under a robust, flush fitting transparent cover in order to minimise potential damage in the field. The display is permanently ON, powered from a standard off the self AA cell battery.

The CryoGauge 200 consists of a lightweight, compact electronic gauge head permanently attached to a stainless steel probe of length suited to the depth of liquid to be measured. probes for larger vessels have a cable between the head of the probe and the display to allow the display to be fitted at a lower level than the top of the probe.


Key Features

Reliable and accurate determination of liquid levels for most non-conducting fluids and particularly suitable with liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid oxygen and liquid carbon dioxide.

Lightweight & corrosion resistant

Probe easily mounted for pressure operation

High impact resistant polycarbonate housing sealed to IP67

Proven reliable and durable unit

Easy to read display

Battery state indicator

Cost effective liquid level monitoring solution

Vessel adapter' can be ordered to fit to most vessel types 


Size (excluding probe): 82x90x65mm (h.w.d.)
Weight: 0.5kg (excluding probe)
Probe: Stainless steel, 8mm diameter, length to suit vessel
Read-out: Digital display calibrated 0-100%
Power source: AA Battery
Transducer head enclosure: Polycarbonate IP67
Maximum vessel pressure: 1000 p.s.i.
Temperature: Housing (-10 to 40°C)
Humidity: 0-90% R.H.