QHA100 Liquid Nitrogen High Level Alarm

Automatic monitoring of liquid nitrogen levels with visual and audible alarms.

The Quantum Liquid Nitrogen High Level Alarm consists of a level sensor, monitor/alarm unit and a low output voltage power supply unit.

The monitor/alarm unit continuously monitors the signal from the level sensor and provides the perfect secondry backup system for Biostorage freezers, preventing overfill situitions.

The level sensor is placed in the vessel at the required level, the monitor/alarm unit is fixed in place and the power supply unit is connected to the mains supply. When liquid nitrogen covers the level sensor the Red 'Alert' light is lit and the audible alert triggered. At the same time any suitably connected external alarm is activated, auto dial unit, safety actuator to cut off the liquid nitrogen supply. 

If, the level sensor for any reason should be damaged, short circuited or removed, the unit emits a constant audible tone.

Key Features

Continuously monitors levels of liquid nitrogen.

Adjustable sensor position.

Built in visual and audible warnings if level becomes 'High'. 'Low' level option available.

Connection for remote alarm (dry contact) to in house monitoring systems, auto dial units.

Easy to fit and install.

Compact and lightweight.

Reliable and maintenance free.

Independent warning of sensor damage.

Stand alone or multiple vessel monitoring system.

Optional sensor mounting kit.

Sensor occupies negligible space in vessel.

For use with liquid nitrogen refrigerators, cryostats, vessels, dewars and Biostorage freezers.

The sensible precaution for all valuable refrigerated samples and all processes where liquid nitrogen may overfill.