'Frosters' Cryogenic Aprons

Frosters cryogenic aprons offer the same technology and protection as that of the Frosters cryogenic gloves. The apron provides optimum protection for torso and upper legs against the
effects of spills and splashes of cryogenic material. The outer layer of waterproof woven polyamide protects, even at the extremely low temperature encountered with liquid nitrogen, and yet is breathable. Thermal insulation is given by a polyolefin/polyester micro-fibre middle layer. The inner layer is of cotton for comfort. Frosters aprons are fitted with quick release clips at both neck and waist and our adjustable straps give a comfortable fit.

  • Small (900mm length) – APR/CMS
  • Medium (1000mm length) – APR/CMM
  • Large (1200mm length) – APR/CML
  • Extra Large (1400mm length) – APR/CMXL

Nominal apron width is 620mm