Tempshield Cryo-Aprons 100% Waterproof

Cryo-Aprons® are multi layer insulated aprons designed to provide protection to the torso and legs from contact with ultra cold surfaces in cryogenic atmospheres, and from splashes.

The outer surface of the Cryo-Apron® is a two layer material consisting of nylon Taslan®, treated with a durable water repellent finish, and a waterproof, breathable membrane laminated to the inner surface. The apron is insulated with a single layer of insulation that has flexible non-woven scrim bonded to each side. The backing material is a second layer of nylon Taslan which is also treated with a durable water repellent finish. Cryo-Aprons® are fitted with adjustable straps and quick release buckles at the neck and waist.


All Cryo-Aprons® are 24 inches wide, and are available in three lengths:

  • CA36 - 36 inch length
  • CA42 - 42 inch length
  • CA48 - 48 inch length