QTA100 Cryogenic Temperature Monitor & Alarm

Monitoring of Temperature in liquid nitrogen Dewar’s  with visual and audible alarms. The Quantum Temperature Alarm consists of a level sensor, monitor/alarm unit and a low output voltage power supply unit. The monitor/alarm unit continuously monitors the signal from the temperature sensor and houses the audible and visual alarms. It can be fitted to the body, lid, neck or carrying handle of a liquid nitrogen container or can be mounted on a nearby wall or surface. The compact power supply unit is fully enclosed in a robust, molded case. It provides a low voltage output (12V. d.c.) through an interconnecting cable to the monitor/alarm unit, backup power supply available. The temperature sensor is placed in the vessel at the required level, the monitor/alarm unit is fixed in place and the power supply unit is connected to the electrical mains. The user defines the alarm set point that can be adjusted within minutes should this be required in the future. When the temperature when the liquid nitrogen level falls below the defined set point the red alarm light flashes and the audible alarm bleeps. At the same time any suitably connected external alarm is activated, auto dial unit.

An analogue output is available to connect to BMS system and monitor the actual temperature at all time, telemetry output signal is a 0 – 5V DC signal.

Key Features

Continuously monitors and displays temperature 

Set two alarm points

Adjustable sensor position and temperature alarm

Built in visual and audible warnings if temperatures goes outside defined alarm set point

Connection for remote alarm (dry contact) to in house monitoring systems, auto dial units.

Connection for analogue output to monitor temperature (0-5V output)

Easy to fit and install.

Compact and lightweight.

Reliable and maintenance free.

Stand alone or multiple vessel monitoring system.

Optional sensor mounting kit.

Sensor occupies negligible space in vessel.

For use with liquid nitrogen refrigerators, cryostats, vessels, dewars and cold traps.

The sensible precaution for all valuable refrigerated samples and all processes where high temperatures could damage samples. 


Size (excluding probe): 82x90x65mm (h.w.d.)
Weight: 0.5kg
Probe: 6mm diameter, length to suit vessel default 1.5m
Read-out: Digital display calibrated at -196 deg C
Power source: 12V DC (low voltage power supply unit)
Indicators: Power LED, Alarm LED, internal Buzzer
Output: Analogue (0-5v) and digital dry contact type

Housing (-10 to 40°C)