This document has been developed in response to the emergence in recent years of more and more near-consumer uses of industrial gases products. Increasingly widespread use of hazardous materials in relatively low-skilled market segments can represent an unacceptable risk in many cases. In order to encourage and facilitate a consistent approach to evaluation and mitigation of these risks and to prevent incidents involving customers using EIGA member products in such near consumer uses, a risk assessment methodology has been developed using well established process safety tools.

This guide is limited to assessing Near-Consumer Uses which involve only nitrogen (both liquid and gaseous) and carbon dioxide (all forms).  In developing the risk assessment methodology documented here, two specific uses were assessed to validate the effectiveness of the methodology:

- use of carbon dioxide for fogging in nightclubs;

- use of liquid nitrogen in cryogenic food preparation (including cryo-cooking, instant ice-cream making, fogging of drink and frosting of drinks glasses).

By establishing such a risk assessment methodology, the objective is to create alignment and consistency in how EIGA member companies address risks associated with near consumer customer uses.

The document is intended for all persons involved in the assessment, development and implementation of new near consumer applications using nitrogen or carbon dioxide.

Available via EIGA website here