EIGA has issued a revised document EIGA 197/15 - Liquid Air (a revision of EIGA 912/04). Download a copy of this document.

Starting from the 1990s a number of applications for the use of liquid air, particularly within the food industry, were identified and as such there was an increase in its production and use. In recent years liquid air has been proposed as an "energy vector", for both the electricity grid and in transport.

Liquid air can also be used as raw material to fill compressed air gas cylinders, for industrial and breathable applications. Liquid air has properties that differ from those of other cryogenic liquids, such as liquid oxygen or liquid nitrogen, and which can give rise to specific safety hazards.

EIGA has therefore recognised the need for a publication addressing safety in production, storage, distribution, transportation and use of liquid air. General guidelines for the application of liquid air are also covered, but it is not the intention of this publication to review specific applications. Breathing applications may require additional safeguards or be covered by additional legislation.

This document is intended to provide guidance to EIGA members and their customers for the safe production, storage, transportation and use of liquid air. It is intended to explain the specific nature of this two-component product and the need for expert involvement in all aspects of production and use of liquid air.

The document was originally published on the EIGA members only website as EIGA Doc 912. It has been extensively revised as indicated in the text and is now published on the public area of our website.