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We have recently added the Acid Pack 4000 to our range of products.  

The Acid Pack 4000 is a fully lined IMDG T14 Acid Transport and Storage Tank.  Designed to DNV 2.7-1, the Acid Pack 4000 is fully certified for offshore use.  The unit is also a CSC approved 20ft ISO container.

In addition to European and International approvals, the tank also has US DOT and NORSOK approval, permitting its use in North America and Norway




Approvals* IMDG, CSC, ADR / RID, DNV 2.7-1, EN 12079
Certification DNV 2.7-1, EN12079, Horizontal tank in rectangular frame
Vessel Design Code ASME VIII Div.1
Dimensions 6058mm x 2438mm x 2591(H)mm
Capacity 17000 Ltr +/- 3%
MGW 25000kg Offshore, 30480kg Onshore
Tare 6200 kg
Max Payload 18880 kg
Working Pressure 4 Bar / 58 psi
Design Temperature** -20 to +50°C
Vessel Material Carbon Steel
Lining Material*** Coroflake 28
Frame Material

Carbon steel ISO corner castings fitted to all frame corners

45mm thick pad eyes with 40mm dia hole for shackle


4 leg wire rope to DNV 2.7-1 (45°)

Permitted Cargo

Multi cargo as per IMDG T14 & lining compatible (Operator of vessel must ensure commodity carried is listed under applicable UN Portable Tank instruction and is in no way corrosive to the lining)


9 High (192000 kg)


Fittings & Accessories

Manlid 1 x 488mm ID Bolted design, fitted to upper side of tank   
Level Gauge Halar Coated

Safety Relief Valve ****

80mm MK3 Flanged 3" ASA 150 Maxi pressure vacuum relief valve c/w bursting disc and Manometer Fort vale or equal. Set pressure 4.4 bar.

Airline Provision

2” BSB with end cap

Top Inlet

1 off 4” top inlet connection consisting of a top mounted 4” PTFE lined butterfly valve, piped to the side of the tank and terminating in a 4” Fig 207 Hammer lug fitting & cap

Top Outlet

1 off 4” top outlet connection consisting of a side mounted 4” PTFE-lined butterfly valve, pipe to the side of the tank and terminating in a 4”Fig 207 Hammer lug fitting & Cap.  Internal removable flanged PVC or PE syphon pipe fitted

Dipstick Access

1 x 3” Dip connection consisting of male 3” BSP nipple mounted in Manlid cover c/w cap and chain


Polypropylene type, marked in 1” increments by height of liquid, housed externally in a stainless steel pipe,


GRP walkway covering all fittings to prevent slings snagging (Acid Resistant). Complete with centre hatch and provision for fall arrest connection


Incorporated into frame at centre of tank with non-slip surface applied to the ladder rungs

Internal Finish

Material as mill. All sharp edges removed, all edges radiused suitably for lining. Shot blasted to SA 2.5 and lined (Optional lining on request)

External Finish*****

Blast clean to SA 2.5, Interzinc 52 to 60 mic. Interguard 475HS to 160 mic. Interthane 990 to 60 mic. Protective Butyl rubber sheet underneath inlet / outlet nozzles


MGW, Payload, Capacity, Tare, Tank Asset number fitted


ISO Nameplate & sling plate supplied / fitted as per code

Document Box

1 x 2” (plastic, Document Holder)

Internal Lining Testing

Spark test carried out on each tank and certificate of conformity issued

  1.         Check valve fitted to fill line
  2.         Drip trays internally painted with Acid resistant paint complete with drain
  3.         Lining LDPE, Chemoline 4B, Butyl rubber or Coroflake
  4.         Remote operated 2” Airline Ball or butterfly valve
  5.         Remote operated 4” outlet butterfly valve

* Norsok Approval optional

** -40 material optional

***  LDPE, Butyl, Chemoline 4B optional linings

**** Halar or PFA Coated relief valve (removes the need for the bursting disc)

***** Norsok M-501 System 1 paint application available on request