CH500 (2)

    CH Series Liquid Helium Transport Dewars - Standard

    The CH Series of liquid helium dewars have been designed to meet the exacting requirements of ultra-low temperature applications in research and industry.

    Wessington also offer a bespoke design servi…


    CH Series Liquid Helium Transport Vessels - Bulk

    Over the years, Wessington have built & supplied numerous bulk liquid helium dewars, mounted in a protective frame, which are certified for road / sea transport in accordance with ADR & IMDG.

    CH20,000 NEW BRAND MAN

    CH Series Bulk Helium Dewars for Liquefier Applications

    The larger capacity liquid helium dewars are commonly used in conjunction with liquefiers, or where the bulk storage of product is required.

    Vessels up to 20,000 litres available - intermediate or la…

    CH1000 CLIPPED No Logo

    Bespoke Liquid Helium Vessels

    Wessington can build bespoke liquid helium dewar for a wide range of applications and to customer specific requirements. Range from custom dimensions for a special need, multiple neck connections, var…