CH Series Liquid Helium Transport Vessels - Bulk

Over the years, Wessington have built & supplied numerous bulk liquid helium dewars, mounted in a protective frame, which are certified for road / sea transport in accordance with ADR & IMDG.

Several formats and designs have been supplied - details of which will be posted on this page shortly.

These have been in use with some end users, gas suppliers and even several based at the research station based on the South Pole.

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Full Specification - Currently being published. Please check back soon

Model No CH-5000Trans
Capacity Gross 5513 ltr
Capacity Net 95% 5237 ltr
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure 3.0 barg
Frame Dimensions L x W x H 2438 x 2438 x 2590 mm
Weight Empty kg
Weight Full LHe kg
Static Evaporation Rate % per day