EPV Series Pressure Vessels

The EPV Series of Medium Pressure self pressurising cryogenic vessels for liquid nitrogen and argon (liquid oxygen on request) are suitable for a host of applications within the industrial, medical, research & cryo-biological fields. Each vessel has been designed to automatically maintain pressure at a pre-set level using the integral pressure building circuit. These vessels have the same popular features as the basic PV Series but are supplied with MAWP of 16 barg. 

Features :-
  • Dual liquid fill / decant valves for convenience

  • Colour coded valves

  • Automatic pressure building circuit

  • Mounted on square base with high quality castors (2 with foot brake) for greater stability

  • Tricock to prevent overfilling

  • Welded on manifold as standard. 

  • Valve protection ring handle

  • Tow bar available on certain models

  • Standard relief valve setting : 3 bar (options up to 16.0 bar)

  • PED Approved

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Electronic Contents Gauge now fitted as standard to EPV Series cryogenic vessels. Cryo Gauge 200 as standard, or Cryo Gauge 242 with output facility as an upgradable option.

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