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Wellmite Series

Wessington's Wellmite series of tanks are classified as T75 UN Portable tanks under the rules of ADR and IMDG. Wellmites are designed, manufactured and tested for storing and transporting liquid nitrogen by road, sea and from supply vessel to offshore platform.

The Wellmite consists of a cryogenic tank and associated pipe work and valves protected by a robust frame manufactured and certified to meet the requirements of DNV 2.7-1 and EN12079. Handling is by either forklift pockets or by slings attached to the frame pad eyes.

The tank has been designed for use in all areas of onshore & offshore operation where there is a limitation on floor space and a restriction in crane lifting capacity.

Wellmite 500 

Wellmite 500


The tanks can be produced with working pressures of 60 psig through to 250 psig. ASME versions available.

The Wellmite also features high vacuum super-iunsulation, full set of decals (including logo's where provided by the customer), pressure build system and various pipe work options for maximum versatility.

Custom painting on special request.


Special Features :-

  • Lower roof plate to allow stacking with slings / shackles remaining in situ
  • Dual trycock valves
  • Optional Hastings vacuum check valve

Technical Data

Wellmite 500

6 Bar

Wellmite 1000

4 Bar ASME

Wellmite 1000

6 Bar

Wellmite 1000

17 Bar

Product Code 9950-9000 9955-0010 9955-0000 9955-0020
Capacity (Litres) 1950 3176 3176 3176
Pressure 6 Bar 4 Bar 6 Barg 17 Bar
Tare Weight Kg 1500 2850 2850 3200 Nominal
Maximum Gross Weight (LN2) Kg 3000 6000 6000 6000
Holding Time Days * 10 12 15 20
Length (mm) 1750 2438 2438 2438
Width (mm) 1750 2438 2438 2438
Height (mm) 2510 2175 2175 2175


Materials /Specifications
Inner Shell Stainless Steel
Outer Jacket Carbon Steel
Skid / Frame Carbon Steel 
Pipe Work Tp.316 Stainless Steel Sch.10
Paint Specification

Shot Blast SA 2.5, Zinc Rich Primer 50 Microns. Epoxy High Build 125 Microns. Polyurentane Top Coat  50 Microns.

Standard Colour : White.

Custom Paint Specification On Request

Design Approval(s)** EN 13530, ADR/RID, IMDG, IMO, UKDOT, DNV-2.7-1, EN12079, Optional ASME U/CFR Stamped At Lower Pressures On Request
Performance Maximum Evaporation Rate 0.5% per day
Temperature Inner Shell -196°C to +50°C, Outer Shell -20°C to +50°C
Corner Castings Not applicable
Couplings NIT150 As Standard. Customer Specific Couplings On Request
Roof Plates Aluminium (Durbar on request)
Drip Tray Stainless Steel
Earth Point Stainless Steel M12 Boss
Vaporiser Stainless Steel Finned Tubing
Slings (Optional) Slings & shackles (where supplied) - approved to all relevant codes including DNV 2.7-1
Insulation Vacuum + Superinsulation


* Holding times as calculated to EN 12213

** Design approvals may vary depending on options and Country of operation. For details, please contact Technical Department

V1 Liquid Isolation Valve
V2 Liquid Top Fill Valve
V3 Try-cock 95%
V4 Gas Vent Valve
V5 Road Valve
V6 Pressure Build Valve
V7 DP Gauge Low Pressure Line
V8 DP Gauge High Pressure Line
V9 DP Gauge Equalising Valve
V10 Liquid Decant / Fill Valve
V11 Line Blow Down Valve
V12 Line Blow Down Valve
V13 Secondary Trycock Valve
F1 Strainer
VC Vacuum Pumping Port
PG Pressure Gauge
DP Differential Pressure Contents Gauge
C1 NIT150 As Standard. Customer specification on request
C2 NIT150 As Standard. Customer specification on request
RV1 Primary Relief Valve
RV2 Primary Relief Valve
RV3 Line Relief Valve
RV4 Road Relief Valve
NRV1 Non Return Valve
NRV2 Non Return Valve


Tank schematic shows standard configuration, utilising Herose Globe Valves.



Option 1: Rear Fill direct to rear of tank allowing concurrent bottom fill/liquid decant (Wellmite 1000 only)

Option 2: Rear Fill external to tank via main Tank Isolation Valve (Wellmite 1000 only)

Option 3: Any of the above arrangements with Meca Inox Cryogenic Ball Valves as alternative to Herose Globe Valves