Vacuum Pump Package to fit Wessington manufactured tanks


    Wessington can offer a complete vacuum pump sales package for your vacuum pumping requirements.

    This kit comes complete with optional vacuum pump adaptors to fit all types of Wessington manufacture…

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    Turbo Pump Package

    Details to follow


    Kit to include :-

    Pump system

    Transfer Hose

    Vacuum Gauge

    Pump Out Adaptor(s)

    Seals Kit

    Hastings 1.JPG

    Hastings Vacuum Gauge

    HPM 4/5/6

    Vacuum Measurement


    DV‐4 (0.1 – 20 Torr)

    DV‐5 (0.1 – 100 mTorr)

    DV‐6 (1 – 1000 mTorr)


     Easy‐to‐Read Graphical Display

     Torr, mbar, and Pascal Units

     Battery Status Indic…


    KF Flanges / Clamps / Fittings

    Range of KF Flanges / Clamps etc

    Full range details to follow

    Ask for details


    Vacuum Sealant Grease

    Designed for sealing and lubricating vacuum and pressure systems

    General description

    Seals and prevents freezing of stopcocks and ground-glass joints in high-vacuum systems at pressures less than 10-6…