Unauthorised Vessel Modifications

    We see many vessels either back here at our works for repairs, or at customer premises, where 'Mr Nobody' has carried out unauthorised modifications.

    These modifications may have been carried out man…


    Fill Ratios

    It is most important that any tank designed for the use of storing cryogenic fluids (refrigerated liquefied gases) are not 'over filled'. Understanding this requirement is of the utmost importance in …


    Vacuum Levels in Typical Cryogenic Vessels

    Many research papers have been written and much data is available from suppliers of cryogenic insulation regarding efficiency & thermal properties of MLI, Perlite, Aerogels etc. However, questions…

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    Liquid Gas Storage Tanks - Your Responsibilities

    Users and owners of liquid gas storage tanks have legal responsibilities and a duty of care to ensure the equipment is maintained and operated safely.  When these tanks are filled by a gas company, th…

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    Safety Checks for Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Tanks

    Users of vacuum insulated cryogenic tanks have a duty of care to ensure the equipment is operated safely on their site. Equipment suppliers assist in the provision of operating manuals and training of…