Pressure Systems Safety Regulations & Written Scheme of Examination

What are the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR)?

This is a legislative regulation that covers all pressure systems where stored energy may give rise to danger to people.

If you own or operate a pressure vessel/system at a pressure greater than 0.5bar(g), the PSSR applies to you. 

A pressure vessel/system that is covered by the PSSR must:

  • Be operated in a safe manner by trained personnel.
  • Have a suitable Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) created by a competent person.
  • Be examined, maintained and repaired in accordance with the WSE by a competent person.

Maintain up to date records relating to the vessel/system construction, modifications and examination/service.


What is a Written Scheme of Examination(WSE)?

This is a document written by a competent person, which amongst other things, identifies the parts of the pressure vessel/system that are required to be examined by a competent person and the interval between such examinations.

A competent person must have the experience, knowledge and independence to write the WSE and carryout its requirements.

This will include inspection of the protective devices and pipework that may give rise to danger to a person if these items were to fail.


Can Wessington Cryogenics be of some assistance?

Yes, we can write a WSE for your pressure vessel/system in order for you to adhere to the requirements of the PSSR.

We can also carryout the periodic inspections/service in accordance with the WSE.


Please contact our service department to discuss your requirements. 

Email: service@wessingtoncryogenics.com

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