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Training Courses

For many years Wessington Cryogenics have provided Instructor-led Gas Safety Training and On-site Advisory Surveys. These services are now brought to you in association with Gas Safe Consultants.

Gas Safe was established in 1991 in response to a market requirement for specialised safety training in the safe use, handling, storage and transportation of industrial, laboratory, cryogenic, medical and special gases. All workshops are delivered by highly skilled, industry trained, experienced course directors and focus delegates on the consequences of adopting poor working procedures when using gases and associated equipment.

Great emphasis is placed on the use of interactive and team based learning modules within the workshops, which are designed to be both practical and thought provoking. The workshops show gas users how to operate in line with best operating practices and in accordance with relevant Codes Of Practice, Guidance Notes and Legislation.

A range of e-Learning courses are also available. Full details at


Next day training course at Wessingtons facility : To be confirmed

For further information or to book a space please contact 0191 5120677 or email: